Brussels Manneke Piss Hash House Harriers


For the moment we have changed to running individually.  Trail is still being laid in flour or chalk most of the time, but with less checking (because YOU have to check everything yourself, please don't mark the checks). Trail will be available from around noon. Please run it in your own time, making sure to keep your distance from any hashers or humans you find on trail, and don't hesitate to take pictures.  Avoid public transport, and just run around in your own area if trail's too far to get to.

Afterwards you can join us for a virtual circle.  Don't forget to take your own beer!  Just because we never run out of beer doesn't mean that you should!

BELGIAN NASH HASH 2020 is still on, but a final decision on this is still to be made and will depend on how the situation develops.  We'll keep you posted.



BMPH3 (Brussels Manneken Piss Hash House Harriers) is one of the two groups of Hash House Harriers in Brussels. Where the Brussels H3 meets on saturdays, BMPH3 meets every Sunday @ 15:00 all year round, including July and August. 

Join us for fun, socialising, a bit of non-competitive running/jogging/walking and enjoying a beer or two!

Trail location changes weekly, 
so check our Whare Next? section 
for the starting point this week!

Founded on 16 April 1990 our club welcomes all regardless of their fitness level and provides trails of various length to suit everyone. The trail itself usually takes 1h15-1h30 to complete and is followed by socialising and drinking some nice Belgian beers so expect to finish around 18:00-18:30 depending on the weather.

Make sure to bring a change of clothes, a positive attitude and a sense of humour - all three. We charge a flat fee of €5 that covers beer, water and snacks, collected prior to the trail.

Visitors from other kennels welcome!

On On!

The Brussels Manneken Piss H3

Hash House Harriers (H3): The drinking club with a running problem - worldwide

* Founded 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

* 1,500 chapters now running across 169 countries