Membership is open to any adult (16 year-old and over) who has completed 5 trails with BMPH3. It is validated once a membership form has been received and the lifetime membership fee of €25 paid to Hash Ca$h. 

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575     Longshanks          22 Nov 2019

574     Ground Control     11 Nov 2019

573     Give it a Blow       28 Oct 2019

572     Start Me Up          28 Oct 2019

571      Opee                    26 Oct 2019

Attendance awards are presented upon completion of 10 runs (lanyard & bottle opener), 50 runs (personalized pewter tankard), 100 runs (patch), 150 runs (T-shirt), 200 runs (personalized pewter flask) then subsequent multiple of 100 runs (personalized haberdashery).


The wonderful volunteers that make this all look easy

Grand Master
"Rack of Lamb"

Vice Master
"Pink Panther"

Event Coordinator
"Pink Panther"

Religious Advisor
"Blue Willy"

Hash Lash
"Mindless Masturbation"

Hash Ca$h

"Yark Sucker"

Hash Recruiter
"Moule en Rouge"

Team Beer
"Rumple Foreskin"
"Blue Willy"
"Trash Can Man"
"Mindless Masturbation"
"Snakes and Bladders"

GoNad GM
"Rumple Foreskin"